InterGame MENALAC’s official publication

Published On : 26 January 2017

January 26, 2017

The recently-formed Middle East and North African Leisure and Attractions Council has appointed InterGame as its official publication.

The new trade association, which was formed with all of the region’s major operators and suppliers in membership, has been officially recognised and registered by the authorities in the UAE as a non-profit trade association.

It is the first time that all of the major operators from the region, including the big names from both the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have come together to pool their experience.  The organisation is in the course of opening its headquarters in the Sheikh Rashid Tower, near the World Trade Centre in Dubai.

The WTC is the traditional home of the DEAL trade show, the leading event for the amusement industry in the region.

To join, readers should contact info@menalac.org


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